all about me, Jason Hooten

Generally speaking, I’m a jack of all trades, even when it comes to coding.

C#, javascript, coffee script, python, rails, knockout js… I just really enjoy learning as much as I can about whatever new web technology is exciting at the moment. As you can imagine, my attention can sometimes be all over the place which is why you may see this blog jump around quite often.

As many coding interests as I have, it is matched by my recreational interests. Guitar (thank you Rocksmith), drums, basketball, football, manga/anime, motorcycle, art and you can always count on me to be playing some relevant mmo. The tag name D^t even started off as a nickname for one of my characters in World of Warcraft, around 2005.

I’m currently live in Austin, TX (the greatest city in the world) with my beautiful wife, where I’m one of two lead developers at Qvinci.

I try to get through my days making as many correctable mistakes as I can.


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